Monday, April 30

make-a-goal monday and why this weekend was a really good one

there is something about the routine of the week that makes me shift into autopilot mode. going through the motions, setting the morning alarm, yawning into my coffee cup, changing diapers (k-bear's, not mine), lunch at eleven-thirty, nap at twelve-thirty (unfortunately, also k-bear's, not mine), getting home, slumping onto the couch, closing my eyes to the mess that is my apartment, fighting sleep, eating dinner, bed. begin again. i don't mean to pass my days in robotic fashion; i know each day is precious. but i get so ...tired. worn down. burned out. and i relish the weekends. they refresh me. especially the ones filled with rest, time amongst sweet friends, laughing, kitty-snuggling.

this weekend was particularly heart-warming. my baby sister spent the entire weekend with me. and boy, did we have fun. the thing about our relationship is this: we weren't close growing up. always on different pages. then she moved to washington about nine months ago, and it was such a blessing. we realized that we had misunderstood one another in many ways. and now we are grown up (mostly) and we respect and admire each other. and we love each other. and we are sisters, but friends, too. so that is just a really wonderful thing. she is probably the best sister in the world (no offense to all the other sisters out there, but, you know).

there is also another reason why this weekend was memorable. after a year and a half of planning and wishing, i finally got a cherry blossom tree tattoo on my arm. well, the first session, anyhow.

and it would do well, i'm sure, to wait until it is all finished to show you the full masterpiece, the beautiful work of artist suzy todd. but i'm too excited about it and think it is already lovely, just how it is.

i get to check off item number fifteen off my list!

after that was all said and done, and i skipped my merry way along, we did other very nice things. like be lazy on sunday. and drink tea, and eat vegan treats.

vegan treats that we snagged from a vegan bake sale, where there were really intense vegans selling really intense vegan paraphernalia. as such:

and we perused the aisles of the beloved second-hand bookstore in fremont called "ophelia's." the simple fact that it is also the home of cats makes up about seventy-percent of my love for it. well, i would love it completely anyway, i think. it magically seems to always have just the book you need. and a winding staircase. but the cats truly are the cherry and sprinkles and fudge on top of all it's deliciousness.

so as for my goal this week: i think i am going to try to treasure each day for what it is. to take the time every day to remember all i am thankful for, and breathe and be happy that i have been given the day.

sigh. how was your weekend? i would love to hear.


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