Friday, April 27

it's nice to meet you

because i don't know what else to write about, currently. and because stuff like this is entertaining. and because internet browsing leads you to such things.


Your best pick up line.

baby, if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call FINE PRINT. (bibliophile flirting...)


my love for you is like diarrhea; i just can't hold it in.  (i only had to add this one too, because, well, my laughter towards it was like diarrhea; i just couldn't hold it in). 

Tell a joke.
so there was this old lady knitting while she was driving. a policeman driving next her saw what a clear danger this was, and immediately started yelling, "PULL OVER!" the old lady, noticing the shouting officer, yelled back, "NO, DEAR, IT'S A SWEATER!" 
How is your blog a reflection of yourself? What do you think people assume or know about you by looking at your blog?
hm, well. i don't really know what gets assumed. i think my blog reflects the things i love: friends and family, cats and harry potter. coffee. nature. people. humor. creativity. compassion. i try to be who i absolutely am. not all of who i am - i try not to get overly personal. there are many things i allude to, but don't expand on. but  one of the things i love about blogging, and certainly what i have strived for on my own blog, is to not feel bogged down by shyness and insecurity. the way i write here is the way i think, but a lot of the time i struggle with speaking this way in real life - you know, with all the stumbling my words tend to do, and such. so, in the end, i am not completely sure what the result is.
You ordered pizza last night and have been looking forward to eating the leftovers all day. You go home and the box is still in the fridge, but someone has eaten all of it and its empty. What do you do?
kill a bitch. sulk, eat nothing else.  
In what ways have you ever altered your look, i.e. new hair color/style/colored contacts, and which of your looks is your favorite?
my style of clothes has changes lots and lots over the years. i've colored my hair to be jet black, and i've colored it to be bright red. now i have settled for my natural dark brown. i've also cut my hair in a bunch of styles. i have almost always had bangs, since i just tend to like myself best with them - plus i have no patience for growing them out. but my hair has been super duper long, and very very short. i cut sixteen inches off it a year and a half ago, and now i'm trying to grow it out again. hmph. it's stinky when you have a really long awkward hair stage. anyhow. i have seven piercings all together in my ears, one in my nose. one tattoo, soon to be TWO! 
On a scale of 1-10 how large is your attention span?
depends. if it is for math, or organizing, or cleaning, or politics: -1. anything else, pretty much average. say, a 7, or so. give or take.  
What’s your favorite snack?
how am i supposed to choose? snacks in general are my favorite. how about this, i'll choose one savory, one sweet, and one healthy. savory: chips and guacamole, most likely. or hummus. any type of dip, really. sweet: oreos and almond milk. healthy: an orange. or sprouted almonds. mmmm. 
If you got selected to be on a reality show which would it be, and why?
don't even have to think about it. "what not to wear," hands down. stacey london, clinton kelly - hand me over that plastic card and make me beautiful. think about it: it's only a week long, you get expert style advice, money to buy a whole new wardrobe, and the nicest people ever to do your hair and makeup and make you feel super special, and then you go home to a PARTY thrown in your honor, even though it's not your birthday, looking super hot.
wait, actually - i would also be on whale wars. 
Would you buy a sweater covered in kitten pictures? Would you wear it if someone gave it you for free?
i mean, that is only the dream of my life. in all seriousness, i would just ADORE a kitten sweater, and if it was given to me, well - i would adore that person, too. okay, but really though, i want a kitten sweater. going to go cry about it, now. 
What’s the sickest you’ve ever been?
gosh, i guess i've never been too outrageously sick, thank goodness. there was this time in high school when i had a bad flu and lost, like, twelve pounds. and, i'm not sure if this counts, since i wasn't technically "sick," but - the worst i've ever felt was when i got all four of my wisdom teeth out, resulting in nerve damage (still have lost feeling in my chin, two and half years later), throwing up from vicodin, etc etc...that was a miserable time. however, it allowed me time for bed rest and and three seasons of dexter. so. 
Write me a haiku about anything.
baby powdered hair
cannot remember last wash
prob'ly should shower.  
If you could be invisible for a day what would you do?
gosh. probably i would go explore the city and go into places like museums and symphonies and such that are normally too pricey. or maybe get on a PLANE unnoticed, and fly somewhere like PARIS and go to all the museums and over there.  
alright, everyone, i want to read your answers! dooo ittttt.
and, happy friday.

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