Tuesday, February 21

what can you see?

a wee poem by kalie morell.

do you ever wonder? 
do you ever dream?
do you ever ponder?
and see not all is what it seems?

did you picture it different?
did you imagine more?
did you desire merit?
praise and prizes galore?

do you have many faces?
do you play the part?
different times and places,
programmed from the start?

sometimes i am zesty.
sometimes i'm more demure.
sometimes i get testy.
but one part of me endures.

the part that feels unstable.
the part that feels unsure.
the part that feels unable.
the part that huddles on the floor.

the part that points the blame.
the part that shakes and quivers.
the part that's shrouded in shame.
the part that's rocked in shivers.

why does that part hold on?
why is that side still here?
when it's already been taken upon?
when it's no longer mine to bear?

thoughts, thoughts, and more thoughts. it is funny, not in the laughing way, that certain parts of us linger around when we believed they had already gone away.  you know how it goes, we push out old unwanted parts of us to bring in better, healthier, wiser new parts, but sometimes we realize that we haven't taken out the old parts, we just stuffed down the new ones on top of them. it's like changing the soil in a flower pot. the flower will be sad if you just sprinkle new dirt and stuff on top, because its roots are still suffocating in the old, dry, parched soil. now, i am no herbologist, but i think that this metaphor makes sense in the context of this situation. anyhow, i am just thinking. and this silly little poem is what came out of it this morning. 


  1. Kalie, your heart is so beautiful and honest. I love how you point out that we stuff things down and then deceive ourselves into thinking that the issue has gone away. The truth is, roots run deep and it's a painful process to take those roots out. Sometimes it takes the Lord years to dig out those roots with us, because we keep throwing the soil back over it. But He is faithful. And when He does get those old nasty roots out, He plants something so beautiful inside of us... Or maybe I'm wrong. I think it's really that He already has planted something beautiful within, and therefore the old roots must go so that it can grow. Yes, I think that's it. He has planted that beauty in you. And it's showing more and more...

    1. meg, thank you so much. i like your conclusion...i think you're right. God doesn't need to wait, he is just so patient. you encourage me so much...i love you!

  2. Thank you for the words dear, I really do think we would understand each other greatly.


    1. Karolina, i feel the same with every one of your new posts!

  3. i so wish people would post more poetry on their blogs!!!! yay for you doing that. :D

    1. oh my gosh, thanks suzy! yes, me too! poetry, with a few exceptions, as there always are in such matters, is certainly for sharing.


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