Wednesday, February 22

a barely informational prose about myself, why i blog, and why it is the way that it is, and other such things. just in case you may want to know.

probably nowhere else ever in any other circumstance at any other time do i use the word "i" so much, or talk about myself quite as much, as here on this blog. sometimes, this begins to worry me, like, how narcissistic can one appropriately be without needing a good punch in the face? (by the way, has any one else every had a difficult time trying to spell the word "narcissistic" before? because i just did, so thank you very much for helping a sister out on that one. also, "rhythm"? anyone? okay.) this does not please me, this is not my aim. every other moment of my life, excepting my birthday (obviously), i shy away from any amount of attention directed at my being. BUT, but. i think there is a sort of safety i feel behind my words, because, you know, you can't actually see me talking. you cannot see me crouching over my keyboard with my sweatshirt catching the crumbs from whatever snack i am currently eating. writing words out is very much easier for me than talking out loud. like, here i can say, "i dare say, the weather this morning is quite delightful. in fact, i think this is the most opportune of days to enjoy a nice stroll." but this morning when i tried to say something very near to this statement to the barista making my americano, it eloquently came out sounding more approximately like this, "yeah- i like this weather, because, um, you - i - can go outside - i like to walk outside in this weather. it's nice. yeah." dooohhh! why i thought it witty to even be talking about the weather in the first place is questionable enough, but, you know, that's just what happens when i try to talk to people's faces and their eyes are x-raying into my brain and they are all expectant-like, which is logical, that i will be socially normal and somewhat proficient in the english language. too many expectations! too much pressure!

anyhow, that is not what i even meant to be going on about when i started this post. what i mean to say is, i blog because i like to. most of the time. you can write about any old thing, and if people like it, they will read it, and if not, you don't have to know the difference. and i don't have to stumble over words the way i do the rest of the time because i get all tongue-tied and wibbly-jibbly in the head, because i can proof the damn thing as much as i please before clicking the publish button, and, you know, i don't even have to look good doing it. this, among many other reasons, is why i do not post fashionable pictures and such, because, well, i am not that dedicated. or even fashionable. so there.

now, i am not even sure that is what i meant to go on about, either. maybe i did not even have a point exactly, but here is something else. and this is it: sometimes, i just feel like sharing the very most random of things, and maybe i did not even find them myself, but i think they are a good idea and i want as many people as possible to know about them. and i am okay with not being the original discoverer of things, all i care about it that someone did discover them and now i know about them. what is the "them" i am referring to? well, it can be any given thing at any time that catches my fancy. but i will always try my very hardest to correctly source every such thing. so. currently, i would like you to see these little gems:

i found these because the lovely girl over at a fine day for sailing found them first. and i just love that about her. these, as you can imagine, made my day, week, month, life. my life, these made. 

i don't know, i guess that is it. this was not very informative. but it is what it is. at least, if nothing else, go read all the bios for all the cats. that is all. 


  1. totally why I blog, too. I hate attention in real life. Hate hate hate. But I also have so much creativity in different forms and ideas and stuff in my head that I think I would explode if I didn't have an outlet for them. Hence, the blog. And you know, if people care enough to read my stuff, well then that makes me happy.

    1. Yep - right there with you! And may I say, I love reading your blog!


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