Thursday, February 9

the thing about rainy days

the only bad thing about i have to say about rainy days is that they often happen at the same time as working days. being that there are five working days most weeks, you can see how the odds of this happening are very high. you are wondering, maybe, why this is a bad thing. well, on rainy days, it's common knowledge how preferable it is to sit somewhere cozy and listen to music, or read books, and drink some coffee or tea and ponder about things, and pet one's cats. but when i am at work, i would probably get into trouble for only doing those things because those are technically not in my nanny job description, and it might be perceived as neglectful. it is really kind of difficult to work on rainy days. i gaze out the window and sigh and drag my feet a little and count down the minutes on the clock. this, as you can imagine, really only exacerbates the problem. 

but you know, rainy days are still my favorite. what is your favorite type of weather? and what do you like to do on those days?

in unrelated news, today is more special than most other days, and that reason in because it is elise's birthday. happy 25th birthday, e!!


  1. I am beginning to enjoy rainy, gloomy days more recently. But, I will have to say, sunny, hot days are my absolute favorite! I am the type of girl who prefers 80 degree weather over 70 haha. Most people think I am crazy, though. I love riding a bike, walking around downtown, driving around, going on a picnics. It's just the best :)

    1. those are GREAT things to do on sunny days! you know, too many days together of one type of weather does get a little start to appreciate the other!


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