Tuesday, February 7

seattle tours p. 2: SAM

last week, my buddy and i took a field trip to the seattle art museum because first thursdays are for free. and that is a smokin' deal that you just cannot pass up. if you are ever in seattle, you should really go there. you will see magnificent things such as cars in the air being speared with lights, or at least something very near or of the same caliber, i am sure.

there are also many classic things, and many old things, and many modern things, and even things for your ears to enjoy, and pretty much every other type of thing that may fit your fancy. 

sitting happy in the middle of downtown seattle since 1991, the SAM is neighbors with the very popular pike place market, which you may have possibly heard of.  the original SAM came into existence far before then, however, in 1933. then, it held 1,926 pieces. today, you will find there over 25, 000 pieces. see, i told you that you could find almost anything there! 

so there you go. a little tidbit about a grand place. 

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  1. I LOVE when art museums have free entry days! Looks like you saw a lot of pretty things. That tea pot color is beautiful!


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