Monday, August 8

afghan - 2011 edition

the third annual afghan is of like, erm, 3 months ago...

but complete nonetheless. And I realized that I hadn't shared it yet! Sorry, it's not my fault; Willow has been hoarding it.

if you wanna take a look at my 2010 afghan, go here
and go here to see my very first one!


  1. oh you are so good at crocheting! This is so lovely, as is your cat :)
    No i haven't moved just yet, i'm going in september, so not too long now. i hope you are well x.x.x.

  2. Kim, you flatter me...any compliment from you is golden, because you are so brilliant yourself. Oh so soon! How exciting!

    Angela, thank you!!

  3. Wow, this is super awesome! I can barely sew a button on so I'm really impressed. And the kitty approves too, so you know it's good!

  4. Oh. My. Gosh. Beautiful! Do you take orders?!

  5. Lindsey, ah thanks! You know, sewing buttons is not as easy as everyone would have you believe, i totally get you. Yes, the aim of my crafting is simply to please Willow - success!

    Kelly, YES! Let's talk :]

  6. beautiful!


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