Saturday, June 4

Folklife and other news.

Memorial Day weekend (which I realize was a whole week ago, doh!) was surprisingly full of sunshine and restful relaxation. I had the pleasure of attending an annual festival that takes place in downtown Seattle, and let me tell you - people really come out of the woodwork to go to this place.  Imagine every type of person congregating to celebrate art and culture from around the world! I mean, you can really unveil whoever the heck you are there. Like, your child's sweet little second grade teacher may don the gypsy outfit from the back of her closet. Or that next door neighbor of yours will likely be seen dressed as a pirate. And you will definitely see a group or two of black-lipstick-wearing-purple-haired teens. Without a doubt there is a large, large quantity of hipsters who are in their element. But at the same time, there are families with small children, college students, your favorite baker, and a gospel choir. I loved it. People watching alone was absolutely fascinating. I love the idea of all sorts of individuals being found in one place. The idea of folklife really is kind of a wonderful one. As stated in the mission statement, it "...creates opportunities for individuals and communities of the Pacific Northwest to celebrate, share and sustain the vitality of folk, ethnic and traditional arts for present and future generations."  
Celebrating 40 years!

In other news, I recently bought a picture from the black apple on etsy!

can't wait for it to arrive! 

Hope you're having a beautiful weekend, friends. I'd love to hear your plans

P.S. Y'all should be aware...

forty days and this is happening. 


  1. aw, that festival in seattle sounds like my type of activity...i love seattle first of all, so basically anything that happens there I am down for. I used to want to live there - it was my dream! maybe still someday when we move back to the US we will :) who really knows! have a great rest of your w/e!

  2. happy late memorial day! I am very ready for HP#7Part2.


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