Saturday, February 5

Addressing the fabulous and fails

Two-thousand-eleven and it's ups and downs thus far...


In a personal creativity crisis, I was able to do some soul searching (and reading a lovely little number called War of Art) and rediscovered my love for poetry after a months long hiatus. Fabulous!

But I have yet to write anything. Fail.

I have been actively making an effort to eat healthier and take care of myself, and for the first few weeks felt fabulous. I am choosing to discount this week of mad feeding frenzy failure that resulted me eating approximately my body weight in sugar-infused foods. And the fact that I crave more even as I type this.

I had every intention of being a dutiful pen-pal and mailer of all sorts which was a fabulous plan.  However, it is February, and I have yet to send my sister's birthday card from November, and my dad's from last month and ANY letters at all. Failing.

Thanks to Netflix instant watch, my roommate Elise and I have finally jumped onto the "Lost" bandwagon (just a couple years late), which is fabulous in it's own way, I suppose. However, the late night marathons have resulted in sleepy mornings and severe stress. Which is kind of a fail, since that's the last thing I need. But seriously, "Lost" writers, what the hell were you thinking...are you legitimately insane people? I am riddled with anxiety. And a little bit addicted.  But please, if you've seen it, DON'T GIVE AWAY ANYTHING! 

I finally learned how to knit. Fab.

I am becoming lazier by the day concerning my outward appearance and have accepted that I am just not one of those girls who can pull off super cute and put together all the time. I am destined to don baby drool and food stains on a daily basis. Fail for my hygiene, but kind of fabulous that I can embrace my fate. And I will allow myself a  little extra fabulousness points for mastering the art of cutting my own hair, because I am too broke to pay for it. 

However the most fabulous so far, I would have to say, is the prospect of some really wonderful new friendships here.  It is good.

And further fabulosity is the grace that God has had for me in every fail, every shortcoming, and the lessons I am learning in this chaotic time in my life.


  1. I am so horrible at sending mail for some reason! I have a stack sitting on my kitchen table that has needed to go out for a week. And while i was getting those together i had to rewrite two letters that i didn't send out a month ago!

  2. I've missed your blog! (I've been on a blog break.)
    Wanna know why?
    Please read my'd mean a lot:


  3. HAHA p.s. i just read your comment on the bag, thanks for calling me cool regardless ;)

  4. You're definitely not failing on anything, the year is still young! I find when you make a list and check each item off you need to do, it all gets done and quickly.

  5. I need to learn how to knit! I love these little goals of yours. I haven't jumped onto the Lost bandwagon, but I heard it's addicting :]

  6. Krystal, I am so glad you understand about the mail! It's not just me, phew! And you're welcome haha

    Abby, heading on over to read it!

    Heather, thanks! So true. That's a good idea, I am much more productive with lists!

    Jada, do it! You would probably make adorable things. Oh my gosh, I can't stop watching it, so beware! haha

  7. i just learned to knit too!! knitting is good times. my neck is going to be so warm, and the necks of all my friends. (all i know how to do is scarves.)


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