Friday, January 21

sailed across a night and day

Friends, by now it's been so long that I think we can all officially agree that "Hope is the thing with Feathers.." is not quite what it used to be. It has been put on the back burner and I am ok with that.  I miss my time here, but like a good friend, it is always here for me when I need it.

I have plans to do some new things with this little blog, and hopefully get back in the swing of things, but for now I will continue to take my time, and let things fall into place as they will.  For now, I cannot help but share this wonderful site that all you knitting/crocheting lovers: Ravelry.

Happy crafting!


  1. i understand where you are coming from girl. i just got back into blogging again. i hope to see you blog again! :)


  2. I know what you mean. I sort of go off and on with mine, but it's still a nice place i can go back to. In the mean time, good luck with whatever things in real life you are doing instead! :)

  3. I just stumbled upon your blog again and am so happy i did. I know exactly what you mean about blogging, sometimes i love it and sometimes im just not in the mood, if you are forcing yourself to do it, the whole point of blogging is taken away

    lovelovelove sarah
    also i am now following- i can't believe i wasn't following sooner!


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