Monday, December 6

stringing popcorn is harder than you'd think

Is anyone else's head spinning from the whirlwind of time that just swept by these past weeks? Somewhat sadly I am finding time slipping faster and faster through my fingers, and have few things left in my hands to show for it.  Good news is, the weeks leading into December have found our home decorated in a fabulously Christmassy manner and bare trees that stood like  wiry, silhouetted giants against the SNOW we experienced Thanksgiving week. Snow.

 (If you wanna make a fun and fabulous wreath, you too can follow these easy steps found here!)

Holiday joy aside, I have found myself thinking critically of what I am really doing with my life and the precious time I have been blessed with. A question that has floated into my head lately is, "How long have I been so self-centered?"  Every time I find myself stressed or worried (which is bad enough) it seems to always be about myself (which is worse).  While I believe it's important to assess our lives and behaviors and choices, there is a line that gets crossed into the world of selfishness and conceit.  I think with the nearing Christmas holiday approaching, this idea has pressed on me even more.  The renowned season for giving has made me feel convicted of my lacking. I realized the other day that for the three months I have been in Seattle, I have been proactive for no cause other than my own.  I think back to pre-move, and all the ideas that danced in my head about the opportunities awaiting me here and all the plans God had in store for me.  I know He still has those plans.  I know there are plenty of opportunities. But I have taken none.  I have sought out nothing.  

Make-a-Goal Monday...Goal:  Seek out an opportunity to serve, give, and bless others.  

Elise and I met a very nice girl at a coffee/chocolate shop the other day (yes, such a heavenly place exists.) When we noticed she was knitting a scarf, our inquiries led to a conversation where we learned of a knitting group she started for a good cause.  This weekend, we are donating hand-made scarves to a woman's shelter.  I love this idea and this girl for her generous idea.  It made me think -- I know there are SO many creative and loving people in this blog world...together, we could impact so many people's lives by participating in something resembling this cause! If you feel inspired, I encourage you to also hand-make or donate old scarves (or any clothes) that you no longer wear! There are so many people in need all over the world, and I think we can all make a big difference!

I hope you all are having a great Monday, friends!


  1. loved your words here, i definitely need to think of a way to give back or help others.

  2. Time has been flying by!
    I'm glad you are trying to better yourself and helping others. You're a good person. :)


  3. Love the wreath! I would love to see the finished product.


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