Saturday, October 2

what about bob

Elise and I recently adopted a tree for the purpose of adding the pretty, pleasant, warming touch to a home that only delicately placed foliage can accomplish. His name is Bob. Bob is a ficus tree.  His previous owner was a   little old man also named Bob, who wanted assurance that his ficus was going to a loving home. Anyways, all this to say, although we love Bob (tree-Bob, that is), we probably maybe are not the best plant owners of all time.  His leaves are a little droopy, but we haven't lost hope.  We think he has every reason to be happy-- his branches are adorned with white Christmas-but-not-Christmas lights, and he also sits next to a beautiful replica of Starry Night. 

Which if I was a tree, I think I would like those things, too. 

Does anyone know how to take care of ficus trees?


  1. This might sound really childish, but I once got a ficus tree for my sixth birthday from my Granny and she told me those plants would not need much except for much light and classical music.
    (She made a joke, but I did not realise that and really played classical music to the tree and it became very big and beautiful!)

  2. aw, i'm sure bob is happy at your house :)

  3. How sweet! :) I hope Bob stays happy and grows!


  4. I've always heard that talking to your plants and keeping them in a peaceful environment will help them thrive :] Did you do that art? I love it.

  5. I love Starry Night!

    I got my boots from! They don't have them in the stores, but online they have every color you could possibly want, and for a really good deal!

    Also.. didn't you mention something about a craft fair in Portland? Or a shop? Or something? That you and a friend were coming down for? Anyways, whatever it was, I remember discovering that it is in the neighborhood I live in! But you should remind me what it was :)

  6. I do not know about ficus trees. I'm still trying to figure out basil plants. We have Hherb the Herb who is actually a basil plant. He lives an exciting life, but seems to be withering nonetheless. We're not sure why. My roommate painted him a lovely pot to live in, and we take him outside (where it rained harder than it has in Arizona history...whoops) and give him water. I think we need to sing to him. Does singing help your ficus? Maybe they need to be more well rounded in the arts... Painting is just not enough.


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