Monday, August 23

she pours a daydream in a cup

I feel like I am dreaming.  My life is moving and the people are moving and I am being carried on its tails, watching everything fly by me in a blur.  And yet in the midst of the rush there are moments I catch onto, moments my fingers grasp onto as I stretch out my arms, reaching for something solid and tangible. 

I cannot believe that in little over a weeks time I will be somewhere else, and life as I know it here in Phoenix will be competely altered. I cannot believe it, and yet I know it's true just the same and I have accepted it and even welcome this new chapter of life, eager to turn the page and know what happens next.

I must say though, of all the things on my mind and all the anxieties that tend to creep up on me every now and then, there is one problem I happen to be worrying about most this morning...

How will I ever manage not to starve myself out on my own when I cannot even manage to make toast?!

Goal: same as last week + packing + learning how to not fail at making toast.


  1. You crack me up! I think you're going to be surprised at how well you do. There will be a lot of learning, but it is SO fun. You have an awesome roommate and some very supportive family and friends rooting for you...that's not even mentioning the Lord, who will bless you so tremendously! Plus, there's always take out, right?

  2. HAH! That is hilarious. No worries, Kalie [p.s. we need to make roommate nicknames]! Our toaster is set to the perfect setting and I will make our delicious meals =)

  3. hello! lol hahaha... dont worry u'll be just fine im sure! :) xxx cheers!

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  5. hahahaha don't feel bad. i actually have an email address "coldtoast101" because i always joked i needed to take a class in how to make it without burning it or leaving it til it was cold.


  6. Kelly and Elise -- I think you know how I feel about you. You are such wonderful friends :] LOVEEEEE.

    Angel, thanks! I hope! haha

    Lauren, Oh that's so funny! I'm so glad it's not just me haha!


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