Monday, August 16

make-a-goal monday

I could easily get tied up in everything I should be doing this week; the truth is I have lots of little goals that need accomplishing right about now.  Everyone has said it, but I'm finally finding it out for myself: no matter how much preparing I've done in advance for my big move, there are so many details still looming before me. They need to magically take care of themselves. Reason #98 why I wish I had gone to Hogwarts.

However, it is a Monday afternoon and I have the week off until Thursday.  It has been a good day filled with sleeping in, cake-eating, and Pride and Prejudice. Let's take a moment to appreciate this beautiful movie.

Ok, perfect. Thank you for taking that time with me. That movie will make my day every day, if necessary.

So anyways, I think I know what I want my goal to be this week.  Goal: I want to take full advantage of my time with my family and friends.  I want to make dates for crafting and dates for coffee and dates for ice cream-eating.  I want to cherish every moment I have here with the people I love most in the world.  Which honestly, is probably something that I should be doing every day anyways.  Not to mention, I also have some lovely pen-pals waiting for some mail from me that I have shamefully been neglecting (not because I don't love you, pen-pals, because I do-- promise!).

I am off to do some letter writing. Hope you're all having a good, blues-free Monday, dear friends.


  1. Ahh pride and prejudice. An everyday therapy. I like your make-a-goal mondays, because secretly, I use them for me too.

  2. Yay, my bunny is named after Mr Bingley in this movie/book!

  3. see? I loveeee that movie and the book as well! This is why I trust every single movie you recommend. And I love your goal, always so inspiring hun!

  4. Lovely goals! PRIDE & PREJUDICE IS MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE MOVIE! AH! Just realized I haven't watched it in a couple of months...I need to do this! <333

  5. I love that movie! And those are great goals. I think weekly goal making is very important but I often forget to do it. Thanks for the reminder!

  6. i still need to do my letters too, oops!

  7. Catherine, I am so glad! That helps motivate me even more.

    Casie, that is adorable. I love naming little animals after big literary figures!

    Zaira, thank you! I definitely love movies, so I have plenty more to recommend!

    Michelle, YES IT'S A MUST! Ah I love this movie, I feel withdrawals if I go too long without it..

    Dancing Branflake, yes, I think so too! Posting them here helps me to stick to them so much, feeling like I have some accountability!

    Krystal, eep! Yes, we need to get on that! haha Thanks :]

  8. :) Great goal- especially since you'll be moving VERY soon!

  9. This is so lovely.
    Words cannot describe my love for Pride adn Prejudice, I must watch this film every week.
    This is very odd, because this goal sounds like it is written exactly for me! Even down to the pen pals (which I too have been shamefully neglecting..). yes yes, I will take up this goal too.
    Good luck, I hope it makes your week a little happier xx


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