Saturday, July 31

neopolitan dreams

Good news: I think I've narrowed down my wedding dress selection. I found the designer I just cannot do without.  I couldn't love these anymore, I don't think....
Amsale, you are so fabulous. These are so will I choose?
Oh snap. I should probably find myself a fella first. It looks like I've got time to mull it over. 

My saturday has been the utmost relaxing of days, thank goodness.  It was filled with little pleasantries. For instance, I drank my morning coffee from my Disneyland mug.  I also finished the fourth Harry Potter book and am now on the fifth. And now, I am happy to say that I have the privilege of housesitting for one of my best friends and her wonderful family.  I love housesitting for them because they have the cutest dogs I've ever seen and it is always cozy here.  And I like having the alone time.  It's nice to have a house to myself for a bit.  This evening, I sat myself down in front of the television, which is something I have a hard time doing mostly.  I never know what to watch.  Movie-lover as I am, tv holds little appeal for me. Unless The Bachelorette is on (yes, I know my taste is immpeccable. BTW, the finale is happening Monday night. YES).  Anyways, I flipped the channel to TLC and a program called "Best Food Ever" was on.  For the first hour, I learned all about the top ten barbecue joints in America. It was narrated by John Goodman, who's jolly disposition made it extra pleasant. I don't even eat meat, but was intruiged all the same. And also a little horrified at the gluttony that is America.  The next episode was all about cheese.  I will say this: Never again will I watch a program like this late at night.  I was only able to take so much talk about gourmet grilled cheese and cheesecakes before I could not control the overpowering urge to meet my desire for a terribly cheesy snack. The result was a very unsatisying cheese sandwich. I feel disgusting.

I just talked about Harry Potter, the Bachelorette, TLC, and cheese in one post. Doh! It would seem I'm well on my way to finding that special fella...

I hope you've all had a delightful saturday, friends.

[images via amsale]


  1. Stunning Dresses!! I adore the middle one.

  2. hahah so cute. I love cheese! I do the same thing with food shows.

    I adore all of those wedding dresses. Especially the first one and last one. and the middle one. dangit. I couldn't pick either.

    Also, I totally watch the Bachelorette. I can't wait for the finale! :]

  3. omg just stunning dresses! I love all three, and LOL at "Oh snap. I should probably find myself a fella first". Oh don't worry babe thats the last thing to choose from hahaha

  4. Love it! Nothing wrong with picking out the dress while you're waiting for Mr. Right to come along. I can't wait for the Bachelorette finale either. But if she doesn't pick Chris, she can send him my way:)

  5. Zaira, thanks! You're right, I don't need to worry about him! haha Minor detail...

    Amber and Leigh, YES! I love knowing other bachelorette fans. Leigh, oh my gosh, right? If Chris is the next bachelor, I'm so on that show...haha

  6. Oh, I'm kind of in love with the 1rst and 2nd ones! I can't decide which one I like better though lol!

  7. All of those dresses are stunning! Glad you have narrowed down your selection to that designer!
    I agree witness you, it's nice to have down time. Sounds like a great weekend.

  8. I wiiiiish I was reading Harry Potter for the first time again. Those books are just sooo good.

  9. those dresses! oh my word, SO beautiful!

  10. I love the last dress..sooo pretty ^^

  11. These dresses are gorgeous! My goodness - and I'm usually quite picky!
    You've got excellent taste my dear!


  12. i love all of those dresses!
    hp, cheese, and wedding dresses made me smile.

    also, thank you for the encouraging comment!


  13. gorgeous dresses! the middle is so perfect.

  14. I seem to suffer from the same wedding dress predicament. Perfect dresses, but I do need a guy in order to wear one. :)

  15. haha this post made me giggle so much.

  16. ANOTHER FELLOW BACHELORETTE/BACHELOR FAN!!!!!!!!!! LOVe that show (yep, my taste is impeccable too ;p but its really the only good lame t.v love show, seriously, all the rest suck) So happy for Ali and Roberto!

    those wedding dresses are my exact taste too!!!
    gosh. they're all GORGEOUS, but i love the second dress strapless.


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