Saturday, July 31

if His grace is an ocean, we're all sinking

It's no secret that some of the most important lessons are learned in the hardest ways. It sucks, but it's true and usually totally necessary.  There can only be so many gentle nudges without effect until all we need is a punch in the face. Not literally. Especially working with children, I see daily how very much we are like children on their bad days when they don't get their way: Greedy, impatient, whiney, selfish, small-minded (I really do love kids, I promise).  But many times they don't understand why they can't have something they want or why they are being reprimanded.  Like a child being scolded for sneaking a cookie, we must also face consequences for the wrong choices we make, because it is good for us.  Unpleasant, yes. But we need it.

Why is it we cannot realize how much we have been blessed with until we see the hardships others face?  Why is it such a struggle to be content with what we already have? I had a very illuminating conversation with my beautiful mom today. I love her.


  1. Such wise words and so true. i always learn my lessons the hard way, no matter what! x.

  2. Children also see the world in such a beautiful pure way, are totally trusting and see magic in such ordinary things. Adults see an Ice Cream and think about how much it is or how many calories, a child simply enjoys. Perhaps we should be more child like?
    I totally agree with how we in the western world are never satisfied, always wanting more. Its sad.
    Sounds like you have great, insightful Mummy.
    Love to

  3. I always wonder this to - because everyone is always wishing for something they don't have, anothers life, the other season, etc...

  4. Lovely!!
    beautiful pictures!
    lovelove :)

    /Fashion Bowie

  5. Kim, thank you. Somehow I manage that too! darn..

    Ruthie, SO true! You're right, children feel in big ways -- I highlighted their less than desireable attributes! But they are also so wise without even trying. In those ways, we definitely need to learn a thing or two from them.

    Krystal, yes yes that's exactly what I mean! And I find myself doing it all the time, unforunately. Sometimes I really need attitude adjustments!

    Danielle, thank you! Thanks for following, Glad you're here!

  6. at the same time that children are all of those things you mentioned above, they are also loving, forgiving, full of wonder, and very limited with their knowledge. And no matter how old you are, I still believe God looks upon us as little children. And that we are beautiful and ugly and great and terrible all at the same time. Yet we are still loved. And we must be gentle with ourselves, for we are only learning.

  7. Sometimes, Mums are awesome. :)
    You have written wise words, my dear.

  8. Thanks for the reminder Kalie!

    When things go wrong, it's not always for the worst. You're right, we just get so greedy and caught up in our own needs and self-pity, we fail to realize that there's always something positive to any situation.

    You're a beautiful writer.

  9. It's so true. I feel like our society with it's keeping up with the jones' mentality is definitely at fault, but it really depends on the lifestyle you're exposed to.


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