Tuesday, May 11

tackle-a-task tuesday, and a week on rewind.

I missed make-a-goal Monday, so today is tackle-a-task tuesday!

I have been overwhelmed the past couple weeks with finals and studying, and thankfully I have only one more final to go tomorrow.  Whew! Meanwhile I have had plenty else to fill up my week too...
Last wednesday was my 22nd birthday!!...

 ...and I got a new iPod. YES!!
...and I made birthday wishes!

 ...and I spoiled my baby doll girl with ice cream...OMNOM!
oh my word, she is so cute.

And I ate so much cake.  It was my breakfast for 4 consecutive days. 

And then it was Mother's day. And my wonderful, cute mom was celebrated with a delicious outing to Sweet Tomato's, and a movie outing to see Letters to Juliet
My mommy. We got her GLEE! which I have been taking full advantage of.  Isn't she the cutest?

And then I studied. And studied. And studied.  

And I am tired. I have been running off of caffeine.  

So, GOAL: with all my past week's cake-consuming, coffee-abusing and stress-making madness, I decided that this week's goal really really needs to be taking care of myself better: eating well, getting appropriate amounts of both exercise and rest, drinking lots of water, etc...Because I feel exhausted and gross.  No good! Plus I'm 22 now, and this ol' girl's crazy living just won't cut it much longer.... :] Seriously though, I swear I found a new wrinkle on my face..

Anyways, what are some things you like to do to take care of yourself? Favorite healthy snacks? Activities? Any good tips/ideas welcome!

Well, I have to go study for my LAST final. Let's hope I make it...
Have a great day!

p.s. I am really enjoying Elton John today. Maybe you will, too. And yes, those are Spanish subtitles included.


  1. Well, Happy belated. I got an Ipod a few months ago and I L-O-V-E it.
    ps. how was letters to juliet. It looks so good from the preview!

  2. Happy belated birthday!
    Good luck on your last final.


  3. Happy belated Birthday!
    Love your pics, you are adorable!
    Good luck on your finals!

  4. Kalie! Mangos are my favorite healthy snack. Last summer I ate a mango and yogurt with granola every day for lunch. I looked forward to that every day :) I wish I had more, but I'm trying to do the very same thing with my life and I'm not doing so hot yet...

  5. happy belated birthday!! aww your mum is so sweet, love glee:) have a fab rest of week

  6. I love your posts :) hope you had a good birthday. x.x.x

  7. happy birthday and good luck with your studies! there is an award for you on my blog if your interested!

  8. i hope you had a happy birthday!! i LOVE your blog! so cute!! glad to have found it!

  9. Thanks, everyone!!

    Letters to Juliet was cute, definitely your typical chick flick, but if you like those then you will really like this, it's sweet:]

    And Kelly -- that sounds delicious! I know, I am terrible...that's why I need others help!

  10. Aw yay 22, that's my favorite number! :)
    That's cool that your mom likes Glee!
    Well, I hope you stick to your goal and stay healthy!

  11. Well once the classes are out of the way you can get outside and start taking care of yourself. I've been going to the gym 6 times a week lately. That works.


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