Tuesday, May 25

monday is almost over.


I went on a hike with my sister and was reminded that the desert can be really pretty if you stop to appreciate it.

It was one of those days where I really had nothing much to do, but somehow it still felt jam-packed. How does that even happen?  Most of it was really good, but still I'm left wondering where the heck my time goes. Where?! Does anybody else feel like time just whips by you?

It's midnight here for me, and I am finally getting to my monday post...Goal: Poor Molly Belle (my car) is in desperate need of an oil change. And also a little cleaning. Sometimes, I am a really terrible car owner.  This is a serious goal I need to accomplish this week, although kind of boring. But, oh well! Atleast it's productive!

Well, I'm going to go curl up in bed now and read some Harry Potter before I fall asleep. I hope you had a great start to your week...and sweet dreams!


  1. Kalie, these are lovely photos of you and your sister! I love all types of landscapes including the desert.

    Time does fly by when you're having fun and happy!


  2. Yes, especially right now. Time-like you said-is whipping by!
    Awesome pics.
    And good luck with your goal!

  3. beautiful pics, such rugged landscape...
    time is whizzing past for me too especially at the moment! It's frustrating right?!

  4. Great pictures, it looks so hot though haha! I know what you mean about being a terrible car owner lol. Every time I get mine changed I'm surprised they don't tell me the oil is all burnt up ^^;; You and your sister are so pretty!

  5. Thanks everyone! :]

    Clare, YES it's so frustrating! I feel like it's flying out the window sometimes. Come back, time!

    Lindsey, you are so's super hot here! Lucky for us, there was a tiny breeze yesterday..And I'm glad I'm not the only one with the car problem!

  6. I feel that way ALLL the time! Especially with the school year closing and summer so close and graduation so near....

    but your hike looks like so much fun! i wish my sister were a hiker...sadly, she's more of a stay at home and watch countless hours of tv or go to the soccer fields and just shoot on a goal type ;)


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