Tuesday, April 27

make a goal monday...except it's tuesday....

So earlier last week, I was thinking about my "Things to do in 2010" list; and you know what I discovered?

That I fail at goal lists.  

I seriously forgot all about all the wonderful, exciting things I put on that thing!  The point of the list was not to be super serious, or a stress inducer-- it was made for fun, and to be somewhat a challenge.  A few of them are accomplished; I can feel a little better about myself.  But sheesh!

Among the ones that I can check off with a big fatty, happy check, are...

I have successfully visited not only one, but two places I have never been to before.
The beloved city of Seattle, and the Grand Canyon (I mean, I've only lived in the Grand Canyon State my whole life, it was kind of my duty to go there; beside, I really wanted to).

I have regularly enjoyed God's grandeur in the open, outdoors and have been active in vigorous exercise.
Hiking has become one of my favorite things! (Not that I'm necessarily good at it, but that was not a requirement on the list).

I finished my 2009-edition afghan and have begun my new and improved 2010-edition!

I'm glad to report that I have definitely kept my shopping expenditures exclusive to thrift shops/second-hand stores for money-saving purposes.
But those shops are sneaky...the price somehow still adds up..Hmm. This one might need some revision. 

I have learned not just one song, but quite a few songs in sign!
my favorite being "Desert Song" by Hillsong! 

I have said and meant "I love you!" to someone everyday.


There are still so many wonderful things I have the desire to accomplish this year...and it's almost May...

So, you friends can hold me accountable.  Each week, on Mondays I have decided (except for this lovely Tuesday of course) to set a goal for the week.  I may take from my list, or add something that I think I personally need to accomplish that week.  Just for fun...and personal growth :] 

This week, I need to stop procrastinating! This might not seem like a fun goal; and that's just isn't. But a necessary one, nonetheless, and quite appropriate considering it's finals time! (Seriously, I had an assignment due at midnight last night, and I turned it in at 11:54 pm!)


Feel free to take on my task with me! Or, set one of your own! We'll stick it through together. 

Happy Tuesday, I hope yours is wonderful!


  1. Great goal! I also made a list for 2010 and then basically forgot about it. Maybe we need to print these lists out and keep them somewhere visible. :)

  2. This is a really good idea for a weekly post, and I love all of the pictures! I tried to stop procrastinating last year. I was fairly successful and has made life so much easier (though every once in awhile I still slip back into the old habits). Good luck!!

  3. Oh this is an awesome idea-I shall do it!
    Congrats on reaching some of your goals!

  4. I love this entry, so inspiring. I also had made a goal to accomplish something every day I can, and had forgotten about it. Thanks for the reminder. Lovely pictures.

  5. Hi Kalie, Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and saying hi! Your blog is really lovely! I like this post a lot - I love hillsong too, I think Mighty to Save is one of my favourite songs of all time.
    xo Jadyn


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