Saturday, November 7

It's hard to believe for many, but really the most important thing we need to know is Jesus loves us. It's sometimes hard for me to believe, too. I do not always accept God's love. Like today, for instance, I seem to be struggling with that. Sometimes I think I am so bad and unloveable that surely this will be the last straw...He can't possibly love me, now. But what an ugly, bold-faced lie that is. Who am I to determine what God's love does or does not extend over? Do I really think I am big and mighty enough to out-do the love of God? That is a complete rejection of His unfathomable and limitless grace. But still, there are days when I do just that. I hold God at an arm's length distance because of this, and all that results is further pain and suffering on my end because I try to take control.

But I think this is a problem for most people, if not everyone, at some point in time. Believers fall and even hurt others when they do not accept God's love. They figure, well I've screwed up, so what's the point? They stunt their growth. And those who are not believers, they don't believe God's love in the first place, therefore can't accept something they don't believe, and go on living in the way that they figured was unnacceptable to God to begin with. What a horrid cycle! It's not a coincidence most people believe this. That's exactly what the enemy wants us to believe. Satan in all his evil goes to extreme measure to make sure that we believe anything but the fact that we are loveable. Well, I am sure he is just having a hey-day, what with all the lies that we are living in and all the unbelief of out glorious God's INCREDIBLE love for us.

Today, I am going to believe, know, and accept God's love for me, as His creation, as His daughter.

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