Wednesday, October 7

Inspiration, I like you.

Today, I am wearing my first fall outfit. Yes, I am pushing it, I am forcing fall to be here. That may not sound exciting to most, but to me this means the beginning of a time when I can start bringing out the bundle-y clothes, bring on the layers, and enjoy a general cosiness and fabulosity of which are all things "cold weather." Yes, I am calling Phoenix fall/winter seasons cold weather. I have a certain importance in the way one thinks of clothing -- I have gone through many different stages, and have experienced the unhealthy effect of overdoing it. I had a love-hate relationship with fashion for quite some time. I used to care far too much what I put on my body, and the end result was way too much overspending and way too much concern for material things. My mind was not focused on where it should have been. But through the hard way, I have learned. I have found to be more comfortable in what I wear, and find a look that is my own, not someone else. Although, I do think there is beauty in inspiration and what you were is like another form of art. It forces you to be creative, to be imaginative, and mix and play with color and pattern. It's like a whole new palette. You can look at others and take a little idea here, and little idea over there, and soon you have created something new and completely you. Sometime, I confess, I do worry too much about what is on my body. I still have those moments of insecurity and put way too much value on my appearance. But this is something I know to be aware of, and take one day at a time. No matter what I wear, I am me. It's about taking a different perspective on the matter. First of all, giving it all up to God. That step is most important. And then, little bit by bit, look at what you wear as an art form instead of a conformity.

Wow, this totally did not end up the way I thought it would! I sat down to write about how excited I was about fall and my fall clothes. But it turned into something different, and I am glad. See, clothes really can be an inspiration, I guess! Certainly got me thinking about what is important...inspiration is the best. God is marvelous. He is the One who gives us our passions, He made our hearts. Too much of anything is unhealthy, like my obsession with clothing a couple years ago. But when we give it to God and channel it into a new and healthy way, the way God meant it to be, it will be glorifying! That's how good God is.

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