Friday, July 6

here, there, and everywhere.

(one) getting fancy with some colorization (two) new shirt of piggy sporting sequin shades. i love everything about it. (three) sorting out tough games rules at card kingdom with baby sister. and eating snacks, of course. (four) spontaneous septum piercing! (five) william shakespurr, pretending to stow away. he literally climbed in that bag himself. silly kitty. (six) crocheted hair bow, for special occasions and sundays.


oh, HEY THERE july. fancy seeing you here.

for those of you holding your breath, sitting on the edge of your seat (i know you are) for part two of my vegan series - well. you'll just have to sit tight a little longer. because, you know, i don't feel like blogging about that today. today, i just want to say hi. because it's been a little while. and i've missed you all. so.

hi there!

unlike most americans, i did not partake in july fourth festivities. i did hear some fireworks, though. so that's something. my lack of participation wasn't like, you know, rebellion against my country or anything.  no, i was helping my sister move. it was a very labor-intensive day, and after something like that you just don't really feel like staying up late into the night, in likely over-crowded grassy parks, just longing for your bed. so i simply just chose my bed.

ALSO. also. has anyone here yet seen wes anderson's "moonrise kingdom"? oh my gosh, you guys. i took myself out on a me-date last weekend and saw this movie. and it is probably one of my very favorite movies now. if you are looking for something to do, and you don't feel like fighting the spiderman crowds, GO SEE THIS MOVIE. 

you can even watch the trailer.

what have you been up to lately? any fun fourth activities? i'd love to hear. happy friday, folks! 


if you want to, you can say a little hello here. i wouldn't mind it at all.


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