Friday, April 13

seattle tours: queen anne boulevard

queen anne boulevard. a city of seattle landmark. constructed between 1911 through 1916. i would say that if you were dawdling around, and trying to think of a good place to go that isn't too crowed with people, that has beautiful views of downtown and the puget sound, and makes you feel like you are somewhere else in another time - such as if "midnight in paris" was your life - then you should probably go here. that's what i would say. especially if you do it in the sun-setty time frame.

it is funny, and maybe a little bit cliche to mention, but still a wonderment all the same, that even when chaos ensues in life and everything is wibbly wobbly and your stomach feels that way too and when things are happening that make you sad, and it is all out of control: even then, even so, there are places you can go and beauty you can see that remains the same and is bigger than you and all things else can kind of be still for a moment.


  1. wow those are some great shots :)! i love the colors and the whole feeling of them!

  2. This makes me want to come visit again so you can take me there :)


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