Wednesday, March 21

magical forests do exist

the other day, as i was out and about on a walk, a magical forest appeared with a path for my feet 

so, naturally, i followed it

that's the funny thing about magical forests, or really anything magical at all; they always happen when you are not expecting it, when you just kind of stumble upon them. 

or, maybe it's the other way around. perhaps they stumble upon you.

i don't really know which, but i don't think it matters. the point is, they exist.

it has been so gloomy and rainy and dreary out, for all of these past two weeks.

but not this day. this day, the sun came out of hiding for just a little bit

"give me the splendid silent sun, with all his beams full-dazzling." (walt whitman wrote that)

you know you are somewhere magical by not only how beautiful the place is, but also you can feel it, and hear it too

sometimes the hearing it means hearing nothing at all, and there is only silence and stillness and peace

you lose yourself there, but it won't let you get too lost

just don't rely on the moss in washington to find your way, because it grows on all the sides of all the trees, and on everything else that stands still for too long.

if i can, i hope to greet this forest again soon, like a dear friend
and bask in the magic-ness of it all. 


  1. Replies
    1. COME BAAAACKKK. we should take a magical field trip there!

  2. I bet your Emerald was on high alert there... I'm sure that's how you found the forest to begin with ;)

    1. OHMYWORD you're right! that must be how...Emerald was all around!


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