Friday, March 23

friday fun fashion post

often i peruse blogs made by people who are really lovely and fashionable and share their beautiful ensembles with the world. and i really enjoy many of those blogs, because they are pretty and inspirational and well, it is like looking through a catalog to a store you really like. i do the same when i get anthropologie catalogs in the mail. i peruse and admire and dream of the day when i will put together an outfit so effortlessly and stylishly.

i have thought to myself, if i ever do come across an outfit so marvelous it had to be shared, then i would. and folks, yesterday at the value village (thrift store here in see-at-uhl) i snatched up the perfect spring get-up to don for the blog.

an eighties-era vertical pastel striped body-suit, complete with detachable belt, shoulder pads, and pockets. i like it because it is sassy, hip, has a business-casual feel, and is figure-flattering, obviously. 

not only did i spend money on this little number, but yes, i did go home straight away and put it on. yes, i did stand in front of my bedroom mirror and conduct a photo shoot all alone. yes, i did laugh to myself all evening. and yes, i am popular. 

i hope that was inspiring.

anyhow. who else is so happy it is friday? all the day long yesterday, i kept feeling like it was friday. i had to remind myself constantly that it was only thursday. but it was so hard, because, you know, it truly felt like a friday. perhaps i have just been so excited for this weekend. like many others, i have been awaiting the release of The Hunger Games, and you guys - it. has. come. also, this weekend, i am volunteering at a little event call vegfest. it is put on by the organization "vegetarians of washington" and there will be lots of food and books and speakers and they will all be to share the wonder of a meat-free lifestyle with the citizens of washington. so, as with any event where there is food to sample, i am very enthusiastic about the whole affair. i even get a tee-shirt. it probably won't be as beautiful as my value-village-suit, but, you know.

what are your weekend plans? wherever you are, and whatever you do - be safe, and have fun!


  1. (Not in a creepy way...) But with each post you write, I like you more and more. I loved this, you are so silly & fun. I'm pretty certain that if I lived in Seattle or if you lived in LA/Orange County, we would obviously me friends, haha.

    So, what are you going to do with this fabulous outfit?! You should make a project with it, and make it into something!


    1. Bahaha! Brenda, that is delightful news to me. oh my word, i truly feel like we would be great friends IRL!

      you know, i'm not sure yet! my thought process in between eyeing the outfit and forking over the money extended only as far as to acquiring it and owning it forever. because, i mean, surely some occasion will arise when it will serve a purpose? but a project is a good idea, i totally should do something fun with it! to legitimately justify paying for it...

  2. Thank you so much for the wishes dearest, I hope it's going to be a great year :) I'm glad you like the picture :)

    I like the stripes on the outfit, lately I love everything with stripes :) And your kitty looks adorable! A crazy little one :)


  3. purchase of the week, haha, that is awesome :)


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