Friday, February 24

would YOU eat your shampoo?

as time goes by, i find that i am ever curiouser and curiouser about the products i use, where they come from, how expensive the darn things are, how they impact the environment, and, you know, how well they work and such.

emerging are blog posts and pinterest pins and news stories and generally people who shop at health food stores and hippies on street corners and my roommate who takes a sustainability course and is feeding me information who are also all asking these questions. and there are some rather decent and helpful answers out there, to be sure. but even so, there are people everywhere and all over the place who do not ask these things, or even think to or maybe do not know where to find resources and that is not their fault, it just is the way that it is in our consumeristic, garnier fructise commercial watching society.

for me, i came across a thought - finally everything boiled down to a thought - and that thought is this: if something would be harmful to the insides of my body, then logically, would it not also be a little bit harmful to the outside of it? on my body? on my skin which has pores and everything? like, i would not dare to ingest my alba facial cleanser, because i would probably then have to call poison control. you know?

furthermore, i know that i cannot possibly be the only one who is not fifteen but still suffering with skin problems. i, i know it is not only me. and we women all really want to know what we can possibly do to make our complexions maximumly beautiful and such. without spending a gajillion dollars, that is.

so. i would really love to share with you, readers, some useful things i have found, mostly on the internet, put there by really smart and resourceful individuals, i am sure. after lots of searching and comparing and weighing options, i settled on some unbelievably easy, really sensical-sounding products that i am now working into my daily beauty regimen.

let us call it the "abc's" of skin healthy-glowy-happiness. apple cider vinegar, baking soda, coconut oil. abc.

a.) originally, i saw this post by this really lovely person , and she explained it all in a much more visually attractive way than me, so if aesthetics are important to you, then you should just go there and be done with it. BUT, staying here just makes it quick, so, what i'm saying is, please don't leave.

do-it-yourself magic facial toner

apple cider vinegar (raw, organic. i use the Bragg brand, and like it. and also, it is delightfully inexpensive)
a container to place your miracle potion in

and, well, that's it. easy, hm?
the ratio you will want to make really depends on the level of your skin's sensitivity. so, if you are a delicate peach, or really rather unsure about it all, use less of the ACV. do, perhaps, one part ACV and three parts water. until you are sure of things. i started with one:two. i have since moved it up to, and currently use, one:one. do what is best for you, and just use a cotton ball, or other favored applier of your choice, and swipe over entire face every morning and every night.

i have been doing this for two weeks, and am very very pleased with the results, as is my skin. as is my bank account. because i am no longer buying pricey pricey soaps and such. and, even the old acne is healing up, and the scars fading.

b.) as for actual face wash, i have started using baking soda. just that and some water and then scrub it all over your face, rinse it off back off again, and you will be squeaky clean. there is not really much more to say about that. but, you know, do this before you use your new toner.

c.) after all that cleaning, you will want to moisturize, for sure. this is where the coconut oil comes in. not only is it super great for your face and your skin all over, but it is so good for your insides too. very healthy stuff. so anyhow. this is probably best to use just at night, or applied way before you step out of the house because, um, you will be pretty shiny. and remember that a little bit will go a loooong way.

i hope this helps! i hope to share more of these types of handy tips as i come across them. BUT, i am certainly no expert, and am so open to learning new things from others. so do not be shy, please share! what works for you?


  1. Wow, this seems incredible! I am going to definitely try this out this week!

    Thanks :)

    1. hooray! you'll have to let me know how it works for you! :]

  2. i love all these things! and i'm looking forward to looking at the different home remedies on your pinterest page, thank you!

    1. oh my gosh, you're welcome! i have yet to try many of the things i pinned there, but i am so excited, as well! you'll have to let me know if you try any, i'd love to hear!


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