Wednesday, August 10


The thing about blogging is, I'm always struggling to find the time and the resources to do it.  I am always thinking of ideas or stumbling across something interesting and am all, "hey, I should blog about this" and then I don't because I can't because my attempts are foiled in some way, and then the moment passes and it's all...meh...and then weeks go by, and there are no new posts and everyone has stopped holding their breath already.

so, in light of my circumstances, one would think that at the slightest hint of an opportune moment to blog, I'd be all over it.  funny, then, that as I'm babysitting, and the kid's snoozing, and the parents are gone for another two hours and a perfectly good laptop with an impeccable internet connection is sitting on my lap -- my mind is blank.  

I started this post about 40.gagillion times, with many different topic attempts, and they either sounded stupid or my attention span was too short for what I was writing...

you know what I mean..?

Brains..poof. At least I got my beauty...hardy. har. har. 


  1. Oh my gosh! Love this! Want to get married?

  2. i totally understand how you feel about blogging! thank you for commenting on my little blog :). i keep telling myself maybe if i get a new layout i'd be more motivated and yadda yadda. i am looking forward to more of your posts <3


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