Tuesday, May 24

Been listening all the night long

Without a doubt, I have Elise to thank for the best birthday present ever. Just guess what it was. 

Johnny Flynn, this post is dedicated to you. If at all possible, I love you even more than ever for your sheer brilliancy. 

Such an incredible artist and performer. I haven't mentioned him here in a long time, but to this day he is my absolute favorite. Seeing him live made my admiration for him come full circle; I could sit here and talk on and on about how amazing he was, but I'll leave with these few simple words and let the pictures do the talking. I love you, Johnny Flynn.


  1. i am intrigued, will have to check him out!

  2. OMG how did i miss this post???? and your birthday??? I could of sent you a gift!
    ilooooovehim!!! How was he? just perfection i bet! you have a wonderful friend
    OMGOMG beautiful man, i'm looking forward to seeing him soooo much!!!


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