Thursday, October 7

accio twix

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I love when ordinary things are made charming in unexpected ways.  Like these prints of chairs on newspaper; simple, yet genius.  Lately I feel like I've lost any creative ability that's ever been in me.  Not lost as in it's gone forever, but maybe misplaced.  Misplaced the way my car keys are misplaced almost everyday and it's frustrating because you know you just had them and you're running late and you can't go anywhere because you've looked everywhere - twice - and the dang keys still aren't there, and actually they are at the bottom of your purse the whole time, but by that time you're so mad and then-- well, no, I mean, what the point is, I was talking about creativity. Everyday I visit lots of cute blogs made by cute people who make or do cute things, and I wonder, where do they get this stuff from? How are there so many talented people in this world? And what inspires them?

Tell me, friends, what inspires you?

While I wait for those replies, I will sit here on my couch with the cat on my lap.  Because I want some of that halloween candy I bought two bags of last night, but it's all the way over there in the pantry.  And I want to watch a movie, but they are all over there in the cabinet.  And I can't get up because that would disturb Willow, who is just too cute to be disturbed and she is purring so there's no way I'm moving. And I wish once again that I had gone to Hogwarts and could accio everything my way. Including some creative brain waves.   

p.s. BONUS QUESTION.  Just for fun, I would LOVE to know if anyone had seen anything ordinary turned extraordinary lately? Anything found unexpectedly? 


  1. I love those prints so much! I can see them hanging in my dorm :] Currently in art school, I always feel like I'm surrounded by so much inspiration. I guess I have to say it's the other students, music, friends, and the surrounding environment.

  2. creativity never leaves for long. I find my inspiration from bloggers like you; without everyone here I wouldn't know how to begin. I love the prints you posted. Anyways, I hope it comes back to you soon then.

  3. Because these things are legal.
    you write very well (:
    your blog is very cool, keep so!

  4. I love those images and the way you wrote your post:)
    I also adore creative people:)
    Have a great day

  5. I feel the same way--my creativity has been drained. I have a whole folder in my favorites bar of cute things I could and should and desperately want to make. None of them have been made. I think some of it has to do with the fact that I'm not in any art classes this semester, so I'm not being forced to be creative. My work was so amazing my first semester of college because I was doing everything. Sewing, painting, photographing, scrapbooking. It was nuts. It was fabulous.

    And I am totally with you on the wishing I had gone to Hogwarts. That twix bar would be so much more delicious if I didn't have to move for it....

  6. i get inspiration from the season. right now its fall so i am feeling in the mood for pumpkins, warm colors, warm/snuggly fabric and anything to do with the season. i've been creating all kinds of goodies ( that ill soon show to the blogging world). i also like to browse around the internet/blogging world to get ideas.

    i love the prints btw. thank you so much for sharing <3


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