Tuesday, September 7

raindrops falling on my head

The past many days in my life have accumulated into a raging whirlwind that have carried me up from the dry, hot southwest to the green and drizzly northwestern city of Seattle.  However, since my arrival, I've seen much more sunshine than drizzle, and besides a light rain yesterday, the only thing falling to the ground has been the ORANGE LEAVES tumbling from the trees and gathering under my feet to be CRUNCHED! 

However, in the midst of most major life events, some huge lessons are being learned. Among those, patience, humility, contentment, and trusting in the Lord to provide.  

Major hurdle #1: After reuniting with my friend and roommate Elise in Seattle off of a late departure flight, all I wanted to do was get some sleep so I would be prepared to settle in the following day when our friend Kyle arrived with Molly Belle (my car) which was filled to the brim with all my belongings. However, plans took a turn for the unexpected when at 5:15 IN THE MORNING we got a call from Kyle informing us that he had been pulled over, learned he had a suspended license he was unaware of, and Molly Belle was TOWED AND IMPOUNDED. Imprisoned little car. With all my things. 

I started bawling.  Elise and I were dumbfounded; how the HECK did this happen? Why?? That was one of the most miserable mornings EVER. My emotions were frantic. Mid-day the following day, I knew I needed to accept what happened and realize that new plans would have to be made. Things could have been so much worse, and we were so thankful that Kyle was ok and Molly wasn't crashed on the side of the road in a million pieces with my belongings being scavenged by squirrels and bears and such.  

In the days following, making up this past weekend, a few other events took place that caused me to question if perhaps I was cursed. Agnes (my sickly, old, crotchety laptop) fell into a coma.  My camera cord was discovered missing (which is why the pictures in this post are kind of crappy camera-phone pictures). I broke the shower (or so I thought; it turns out I was just inept, for Elise quickly and effortlessly made it work).  

But among the chaos, some real blessings have fell in my path, as well. I wonder, how many people are so lucky to have a friend willing to drive a carload of boxes across the country just because a friend was in need? Not many people are up to such a task, but Kyle not only was willing to help me, he also drove the huge moving truck Elise used in her moved six months ago.  I am so thankful for such a willing and good-hearted person. Because Kyle won't be bringing Molly though, my parents are on their way as I type. It will be nice to see them sooner than planned.  I have gotten to meet some lovely new friends introduced by Elise, with kind hearts that will undoubtedly prove to be kindred spirits.  I am IN LOVE with our apartment. And Elise and I have already enjoyed so much together as new roommates! Our weekend consisted of movie watching, walking, people-watching at the park, tea drinking, dressing up, music listening, puzzle solving, fish eating, and downtown exploring...

Cheers, to a new and exciting adventure!

(view from our bedroom window)

p.s. I am happy to report that this morning, I did NOT get lost coming home from the grocery store, and also, I PARALLEL PARKED for the first time in my life, all by myself. YES.


  1. Wow, you're already there! I can't wait to hear about how your life in Seattle unfolds.

  2. so sorry that things have been rough for you lately. but excited to hear that you love your new place and new roommate. praying for your new adventure!
    be sure to check out my blog today - i'm having a giveaway!!
    :) lora

  3. what a rough move. I would have definitely cried too! But hopefully you are out of the funk now, yay Seattle!

  4. I know EXACTLY how you feel. This same thing happened to me. I got pulled over and found out my license was suspended ( i had no idea) and that i didn't have insurance ( my payment was late so they cancelled it) so bye bye car. they took it from me on a Friday. I had to wait til MONDAY to get it. Cost me 300 bucks just to get it back. Don't get me started on the journey on getting my license reinstated.....

  5. WOOHOO SEATTLE. Love you, glad you're turning to God in the mess.

  6. I love fall and it's cruchy leaves. =)
    I definitely would've been spazzing about the car. Ugh, some unfair things in life!
    But at least you can find the good things in your life and be thankful.


  7. I sorry to here about the difficulties but I'm glad you made it safe.

  8. thats so exciting! i am so excited for you to be in seattle and i am very jealous. :] i love the view from your room. i always like a nice green view in all my windows. i've really missed your blog and i am glad i am back!


  9. I've had those days but you always see the good in it too. I have given you an award (the first award I've actually ever done lol) Check out my last post :)


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