Sunday, July 25

no idea what to expect. tired. excited. exhausted. praying for patience. no strength of my own. emotional strain. tears of helplessness. tears of joy. not at all what I expected.
Isn't it funny how some of the most trying and demanding situations turn out to be the most beautiful? I love that when I have no strength, love, energy, patience, or understanding of my own, God is more than enough. It is His strength, love, energy, patience and understanding that I am left with to give and it is good, it is plentiful, it is perfect.
Thank you, Lord, for all this and more.

I have a good excuse for my lengthy absence. I was away at a camp this past week as a caregiver for the children of teen moms.  This camp was specifically held for young girls who were given the unexpected-- children of their own.  These girls are not what society labels them as. They are beautiful, strong, and have so much love for their babies. They are forced to grow up faster than their peers. But for one week, they had the opportunity to be told how special they are. They were shown how loved they are. And not for their bodies or what they could give; they were shown what treasures they are, as women, as human beings. Their value does not lie in what others can take from them, in how society views them, but as precious children of a God who loves them. 

I could write on and on about my experience this week-- it was a rollercoaster of emotions, and by the end of it I ended up pretty sick along with many other caregivers who caught a nasty stomach flu -- but I think this is all I'll write for now. I can't wait to catch up with all your blogs again!


  1. Im glad you're back, missed you lots :)

  2. this is such a beautiful post, and what an inspiring week you must have had. You are a lovely woman kalie!

  3. Beautiful pictures. :)
    Oh that is so great what you done for those girls! I hope to do something like this someday as well!

  4. Kalie, that is so awesome. I admire the time you took for yourself... I've had to do that quite a bit. I missed you tons.

    p.s. I made a button for my blog and was wondering if you could add it to your list of buttons. xoxo
    take care,
    Yazzie :)

  5. that must have been an incredible experience! those young ladies need so much support and love.

  6. Sounds like the most amazing and enlightening week, I'm glad you had a good time. And, welcome back :)

  7. That is so cool! What a wonderful opportunity to love on those girls and kiddos.

  8. You are amazing. What is the name of the camp you went with? I would absolutely love to do something like that. Glad to see you back, dear :)

  9. hi! i found your blog through suzy's (it walked on my pillow) and started reading. and youre a younglifer too! hooray! yay for younglives camp too. my hubby and i got to be caretakers two years ago and it was one of the best weeks of our lives. so awesome.


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