Friday, July 9

i'll tell you everything about living free

I am farily certain that anyone who has seen 500 Days of Summer has not only fallen in love with it, but was completely inspired by the blackboard wall in Tom's apartment. It made me really want one.

However, when the July 2010 Anthropologie catalog came out, I realized that I need one.


oh my goodness.
what do you think?


  1. i love the idea too!! it's so fun! & all of those photos are amazing inspiration!

  2. owww. they're way cool. i really want one.


  3. Yeah it's pretty cool!
    All you need is the paint stuff that makes it a chalkboard! You could make it a whole wall or just a little square on your wall!

  4. Ah, that would be the cutest ! Get it for sure :D

  5. I thought the chalkboard wall in 500 (Days of Summer) was completely inspiring. Someday when I own my own place, that will be a must-have.

  6. ok, you've convinced me. I especially love the kitchen. Thats good for when you have people over because they will never have to ask where the forks or cups are.

  7. my bedroom wall is like this :) well it's white and i have coloured chalks.
    Thank you for being so kind to me.
    i have just started the book you gave me, it's so wonderful.

    p.s i can't wait to see your ink :)

  8. oh my this is gorgeous! Am I the only one who has not watched this movie? :/ I have it on my netflix and I'm thinking maybe I should move it up, seriously. Btw, my friend when I was a child had a wall chalkboard on her room (pretty much like the first picture you put up of the catalog) I remember loving it, but she was always sneezing and there was chalk-dust all around. Her mother was eventually going to take it off because she said the area around it had to constantly be cleaned since the dust would fall on the floor and all the area and furniture close to it. Well, just something to think about before you do it. Looks gorgeous, the idea behind it, but it's not very convenient.

  9. For real!! The first time I saw it, I immediately thought, "it's decided I am making one of those walls. now i just have to choose which wall... or maybe I will just do all my walls like that..."

    awesome post.

  10. This post makes me want a house SO bad!
    My heart longs for paint and chalkboard cabinets :)

  11. Oh I love the ones in the kitchen, how handy for keeping lists!! I totally forgot about him having that in the movie though :O

  12. awesome pictures!

    im redoing my room right now!
    and i got chalk walls just like in one of those pictures!

    visit and follow me!

  13. such endless possibilities! The fun, the romance, the laughter that could be had from a chalkboard wall are all too good to pass makes me wish I had a free wall space...

  14. Oh Anthropologie. You think of everything good.

  15. what better way to express yourself then to continually create your own wall art? you should definitely do it. and you are right, I love that movie.


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