Friday, June 4

silver lining on a friday morning

Good morning!

Before my day gets off to a start, I just wanted to wish you all a happy friday (or, you know, whichever time zone you are in, I hope the hour and day this finds you is a happy one indeed)! I hope this day is filled with everything beautiful and pleasant for you.

And also, for a little fun, and because I cannot get it out of my head, here is some good ol' Rilo Kiley for you (so they can be stuck in your head, too).

Rilo Kiley - 'Silver Lining' from the infantry on Vimeo.


  1. a perfect geting stuck in your head friday song!
    happy friday to you too! mine hasn't been so fun so far, exam revision but it only one week left of exams :D!

    love from amelia of la ville inconnue

  2. your blog is so pretty! thanks for following mine.

  3. Yay for Friday! Hope your day is perfect :)

  4. happy friday, thanks for the pick me up. x

  5. i'll be on vacation until next saturday with no internet, son don't think i've abandoned you!
    until then please check out my newest post!

  6. I love this song so much. Jenny Lewis is so cool.

  7. i loveeeeeee rilo kiley. this post made me smile! :] jenny lewis is the cutest!


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