Friday, May 21

summertime is here for sure!

The funny thing about the English language is that one word can have many meanings.

The word "hot," for instance, can mean:


It can mean:

Guess which one was all mine today...I'll give you a hint: It did not make me happy.

I took Mr. N, my little friend, to the park today to revisit those sweet baby ducks, but 30 minutes in I just about melted! Summer time heat is here! It will be official when it reaches triple digits...which may be any day now.  But that's okay.  I have my SPF 50 for my pale fair complexion, the next few days off work, a stack of Harry Potter books calling my name to be re-read,  and a girls night planned with some favorites tonight! Things are well.

What are some of your fun weekend plans? Traveling? Crafting? Relaxing? I'd love to hear! Also, what's your favorite way to beat the summer heat?

Happy Friday!


  1. It was so hot here too! More on the muggy side which is worse. I'm with you on the spf50 I burn so easily, I have to constantly put it on. I even saw spf100 the other day. I might need to try that.

    try and stay cool

  2. Ahh, yes! It has been HOT his week bit they said a cool down and dust storms this weekend!I am actually kind of scared about that but the cool down will be nice!
    Hey also, can I get your email address to exchange information?

  3. Missy- I totally almost bought an SPF 75 sunscreen today, but 100 sounds glorious. There's no way the sun is reaching my skin that way!

    Paige!!- Oh, dust storms. Hello allergies! Otherwise, bring on the cool down!

    and YES for sure! :]

  4. I love your new header. i know i'm always on about the weather but i'm really not envious of the heat. I went to america in 2007 when there was a heat wave i swear i wanted to cry every time i left the air con. I prefer the first hot over the latter.

    Mr. N sounds sweet. That name makes me smile. x.

  5. Ooh! Ooh! The header is bliss!

  6. Thanks!

    oh Kim that stinks! How sad. I promise it's not bad here all the time! ha And yes, you and I both, preferring the first one.

    Mr. N is sweet...when he wants to be :]

  7. Love your new header! :)
    Mmm I love the first "hot." Oh yes can't wait until summer to read Harry Potter on the beach and scope out cute boys!

  8. Joseph Gordon Levitt - hot hot hot! x


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