Wednesday, May 19

duck duck goose.

Yesterday was such a lovely day. 

I had no work and no school. Instead, I got to go on an adventure with a dear and sweet friend of mine!

We first went to Goodwill to search the aisles for treasures.  I am happy to say that we both walked away successfully with excellent finds! Me: An old, Disney storybook with all the classics + a book of Tennyson dated 1891 = $7.  Alexa: An beautiful old National Geographic atlas complete with gorgeous pictures as National Geographic always does = $10.  Score!  We also came across many other interesting finds....

Next, we were off to the park to feed the ducks...

You think it can't get better, right? Well, it does when a nice man informs you that on the other side of the pond there are BABY DUCKS.
Holy moly.

Babies. I just about died.

My camera battery died right after this, so thank goodness we had time to capture these little gems! Seriously, have you seen anything so precious? We both really, really wanted to steal one...but didn't.

Instead, we finished off our day with two big, delicious bowls of ice cream.  Mmm.

Thanks, Alexa, for such a wonderful day!


  1. I love goodwill! I go there like every weekend! haha.
    Your pictures are awesome.


  2. I love lovely days like these!
    Score! Disney storybook!
    Aw baby duckies how cute!
    Yum, ice-cream.

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  4. Uhmm, you're in ARIZONA?! Me too!

  5. the photos turned out great! :) that was such a fun day! thanks for the wonderful memories friend!

  6. those baby ducks looks so cute!

    the photos are great.
    lovely blog you've got!


  7. I LOVE THIS POST. i saw a load of little chicks today they were so cute. i wish i took my camera. i'm going to be all british again, the weather looks amazing where you are. WOW. The grey clouds followed me again today. NOT PLEASED! fingers crossed the weather will get better. x

  8. what a beautiful day! antiques and ducks, my favorites :)


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