Wednesday, April 21

mid-week catch-up!

I think what makes school so stressful is not so much the work itself (although that is quite a pain in a the bum), but the fact that it leaves so little time for everything else! I don't mean to complain, really I don't; I know how fortunate I am and realize the blessing there is in being provided with the education I have -- but this is merely an observation, a noting.

And what I have noticed is how very little I have taken part in the things I love lately...reading (my poor, abandoned, dust collecting books!), crocheting, crafting (sigh..), hiking, and even my poor little blog, to name a few...And that's ok. Annoying, but ok. After all, there's only a few weeks left. But sometimes, it just stinks, darn it! I don't think I am alone in this, either. My heart feels for all you hard-working friends!

Anyways! After a busy day of school, I am finally here at home, sitting on my couch, enjoying the beautiful gray weather wafting in through the open door, and sipping what is probably the most delicious iced caramel macchiato ever made. Seriously -- I had this craving for one and although I should not be spending my pinched pennies on overpriced gourmet espresso beverages, I caved in; and it was so worth it! Mmmm...

You wanna know what I got to do today in class? Give a presentation. While the idea of standing in front of a bunch of people for 10+ minutes talking about something nobody really wants to hear is not something that normally induces excitement, it was actually quite enjoyable and interesting! My project was on Deaf Art, otherwise known as De'VIA (deaf view/image art). So basically, I got to combine two things I love: deaf culture and art! What distinguishes Deaf Art apart from every other genre is the expression and perception of the deaf experience. So basically, whether you are deaf OR hearing, and you create art with this perspective, you create De'VIA. It's very fascinating!

I found some really beautiful's a snippet of some of my favorites!:

This girl was probably my favorite; such expression! Her vivid use of color and space is not only
eye-catching and intriguing, but makes her message loud and moving. Her art often embodies ideas of feminism, as well as deaf culture.

Super influential woman in the field of Deaf Art;
in other artistic genius!

I love this one! it's called "Deaf Dancers," and what Betty has done is visualize music; since it cannot be heard, what does it look like? Feel like? Here she captures the color and vibrancy of the music.

Rachel Johee Ahn

Isn't that gorgeous?! Represents seasons of life..

Sign for "Art"

Take off of famous drawing by German surrealist M.C.'ll probably recognize it here!
Chuck said that if Escher was deaf, this is how he would have drawn it.

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  1. I want to drink an iced caramel macchiato with you :) YUM! PS I really like the seasons of life painting...seriously, so freaking sweet!


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