Tuesday, March 23

lusts of my granny alter ego.

Since being introduced to the wonderful art of crochet about a year ago, I have become a lover of all things yarn-and-cozy.

Since creating this blog in August, and furthermore having harbored a life-long love of the written word, I am also a lover of blogs; writing them, reading them, sharing them, etc.

Being as such, it is my duty -- nay, my pleasure -- to share with you the merging of these two wonderful occupations in the form of one English-woman's craft crazy composite of everything good and glorious in this world:


This is actually the site from which Elise taught me to make my hexagonal afghan, and now I have returned to her blog and come to full realization of how much I love this lady.

So for those of you who love crafts, or blogs, or english people, or passing time -- I hope you enjoy! :]

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