Friday, December 18

relaxation, reflection

My blogging schedule is all over the place. However, I feel no need to update much on the happenings of these past couple weeks. It could all be summed up in one word, really: school. But, that is DONE now for four glorious weeks.

My last final was Thursday morning [at 7:30, mind you] and my relief was so great at the end of it all that it took a few moments for me to realize the significance of that. As I was driving away, it dawned on me that that would be that last time, as far as I can see, that I would be leaving a class at PVCC. I don't mind, I certainly have not held the school in any sentimental manner in these past 3 1/2 years, but there is a sense of finality that presses on a person. It is the mark of an ending of a season in my life. There were no grand ceremonies, the whole experience was rather anti-climatic, if you ask me, but I have indeed graduated, in a little way, from one period of my life to the next.

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