Friday, October 9

Thank You God for Most this Amazing Day...

It's time to take time to be thankful.
I know that there are MANY things I am thankful for...
but I don't think I express it enough. But God gives me so much...

Thank you God, for this day,
for my beautiful family,
for the health and safety You daily provide,
for my job, and little Nicolas,
and my friends; this is vague, but I am thankful for each of them (they alone could make up a whole other thank you note!)
Thank you for something as simple as this iced coffee I have;
it goes beyond that - thank you for the means I have that I am able to be sitting here drinking an iced coffee, what a luxury..
Thank you for the bed I sleep in every night,
and for the healing my mouth is getting after having my wisdom teeth out!
Thank you for school, although I complain about it.
Thank you for my freedom, both in this country and in spirit,
Thank you for the things You gave me a passion for -- books, writing, art, and more.
You knew full well these would bring me joy, and You have provided.

There is so much more to be thankful for; and they will be thought of throughout my day. But I just wanted to take this little amount of time to write down a few!
As for right now, it's time to go to work!

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