Monday, August 31

I am suffering from what is called a lack of sleep

I stayed up far far too late…doing nothing. Somehow I, even when I am most tired, find a way to procrastinate even the call of sweet slumber. If you think about it, a person has only so many hours in a day, and although I love sleep and have grown a very deep appreciation for it, it’s still hard to close my eyes when there are still so many more intriguing things to be done and there happens to be a very good book sitting on my night stand, waiting for me to pick it up. I will stay up reading, looking at pictures, or some other thing that involves the passing of time in a swift and unfathomable manner that in the end results in a very unnecessarily sleep-deprived me when I wake up at SIX IN THE MORNING for a dentist appointment. A DENTIST APPOINTMENT. Blech! That is why I am up right now…and on that note, it’s coffee time.

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